General Planning

A quick note on allergies

They’re dumb. But for every asshole who pretends to have one, there’s a friend whose life could be threatened with the wrong food. The problem is easily amplified when you are 30+ minutes from the nearest emergency room. I once jumped over a counter to stop a friend with a tree nut allergy from eating an almond flour citrus cake in a cabin a solid hour drive from the hospital in the Finger Lakes. Not that any of us was sober enough to drive anyway.

In one of your contact emails, ask about food allergies. Some are easy to avoid (like shellfish), while others can present real challenges. My roommate is allergic to sunflower and sesame seeds – and, therefore, their very common cooking oils.

The easiest solution is to not buy or, if found at the house already, use the problem ingredient. If this isn’t practical, such as a shellfish allergy when vacationing in a lobster town, I suggest specifically mentioning the dish to the friend before the meal begins and labeling any leftovers as such. If there is a large party, you may also want to mark the dish at the meal.

Please keep in mind no food is allergen free.


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